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Aftercare is extremely important for such special bespoke jewellery to ensure the longevity of your keepsake piece.​​

  • Store your jewellery seperately from other jewellery in the grey pouch provided for you.  Store away from direct sunlight, chemicals and extreme heat.

  • Never use abrasive materials on your jewellery. Such as tissue, tissue paper, towels etc. Use only a silver polishing cloth. 

  • Warm water and a very small amount of mild washing up detergent is sufficient for cleaning your jewellery. Never use harsh jewellery cleaners.

  • Allow your jewellery to air dry after cleaning, then use a gentle circular motion with your silver polishing cloth to remove any water marks. 

  • Avoid over adjusting of adjustable rings. Constant bending and removal of adjustable rings will weaken the metal and eventually cause them to snap. 

  • Adjustable rings are not advised to be worn as thumb rings due to snagging on clothes etc. They will eventually snap if caught often. 

  • Adjustable rings are not for every day wear.

  • The utmost care needs to be taken with adjustable rings, if we suspect improper aftercare (and we can tell) your ring will be completely void from any replacements, refunds or repair.

  • If you are very heavy handed or have a very hands on job, adjustable rings may not be suitable for you.

  • We use the highest quality jewellery resin available, however all resin can discolour over time. Please follow strict aftercare to prolong the beauty of your precious stone.

  • Avoid all chemicals coming into contact with your jewellery. Such as hand sanitiser, perfume/body sprays, body lotions, sun lotion, body washes/soaps, chlorine, harsh jewellery cleaners, cleaning products.

  • Remove your jewellery before attending the gym/working out. The oils in our perspiration can cause discolouring over time.

  • Remove your jewellery before bathing/showering, sunbathing, working out, entering a sauna or sunbed.

  • Fake tan is a massive no no! Please remove your jewellery before applying tanning products and while it is developing. We can tell when fake tan has discoloured your jewellery.

  • If after some time or in the unfortunate event your jewellery does discolour due to chemical exposure, we do offer a re-coating service for a small fee.

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